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About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

our team

Our Team

We have developed a group environment that is dedicated to each other and you the customer. Our staff is always researching and reviewing other companies that are in the hospitality or travel space. It's a non-stop job keeping up with new trends and price changes but we do our absolute best so you can make the most educated decision moving forward with your travel plans. All reviews are 100% accurate and truthful. We take no preference over one company or the other regardless of any business relationship we have with them. Some companies do help us monetize this site in a way that allows us to continue to help the consumer by doing all the research on the current state of the market.

Our Story

Jason started this site with the intention of just focusing on the car rental industry. Soon he found out that there were many more areas in the travel and hospitality industry that he could help with. The main goal of the whole operation is to help the everyday consumer find the best deals on travel and car rentals in hopes that it impacts that vacation or travel in the most positive way. This is done through intensive market research and content reviews on all companies operating in this industry. We started in Las Vegas as locals but are slowly branching out into other popular travel destinations. Thank you for visiting and enjoy our reviews.