alamo car rentals in the USA

Our Take On One Of The Biggest Car Rental Companies On The Planet



Despite Alamo rent-a-car being a wholly owned subsidiary of Enterprise, it still has locations in all the 50 states that Enterprise operates in, making them direct competitors. Most of its locations are within airports, although it still maintains a sizeable presence in city locations.  




In terms of vehicle choice, Alamo has options in most of the major vehicle categories such as compact, economy, full-size, SUV, minivans and premium vehicles. However, the company still lags behind in terms of diversifying its fleet as most of its competitors have done. They do not offer hybrid vehicles or commercial trucks which push some of their potential clients to their competition.




In terms of pricing (lowest price here), the company is generally considered amongst the more reasonably priced car rental companies within the United States. While its parent company, Enterprise charges a daily rate of $53 for renting a full sized car in the Las Vegas area, Alamo is marginally costlier, charging $55 for the same vehicle. However, in comparison with the other competing services, Alamo rent-a-car is still a cost effective option.


Additional Features


One of the most innovative services that set Alamo rent-a-car apart from its competitors is its deal retriever service. If you want to get the most cost-effective option when renting a car from Alamo, you can input some details specifying your preferred pick-up point, destination, luggage, and the number of passengers on the Alamo website and the deal finder service will find the cheapest option that will meet your needs. This is particularly helpful when the client is not sure of the best vehicle to hire depending on their needs. The deal finder service also serves those who may need to hire a car on short notice as it has the last minute specials option which lists the vehicles that can be hired without any prior booking.

Alamo rent-a-car particularly excels in streamlining the online booking process. Their website is well designed and easy to access, which makes it easy for clients to view the vehicles available for hire in their preferred location. Once you make an online reservation, you can skip the queues when you arrive to pick up your car, as the company ensures that the car is ready for pick-up at the agreed upon time once you make an online booking.




The biggest complaint with Alamo is the limited options when it comes to the vehicles that they offer. Clients who seek to hire commercial vehicles will be very disappointed when dealing with Alamo. They also do not have attractive packages for corporate clients. Their services are geared towards serving individual clients which alienate lucrative corporate clients who seek to engage the company in long term contracts.

Another shortcoming for the company is the lack of comprehensive roadside assistance once you hire their vehicles. This service is offered in most of the larger cities within the US, but if you are traveling in areas that are not covered (especially rural areas) then you will have to engage the services of a third party to get roadside assistance.




If you are an individual seeking a vehicle for everyday use, the Alamo will serve you well as it has numerous compact, mid-size and luxury vehicles at a relatively affordable price. However, for corporate clients and individuals seeking commercial vehicles for hire, your needs may be better served by one of the other larger competing companies. If you are more environmentally conscious about the car that you drive, you will also be disappointed by the lack of hybrid vehicles on offer.

However, Alamo scores extremely well in terms of convenience. Their online booking system is second to none, and the wait times at their outlets are minimal. They are also very responsive when you contact their support staff either online or through the phone.

If you are in a hurry and need a relatively pocket-friendly, and hassle-free, car rental experience, then Alamo rent-a-car is the option for you.