Avis rent a car reviews

Our In-depth Review Of one Of The Top Car Rental Agencies In The World



As one of the largest and most established car rental services, it is not a surprise that Avis covers all the 50 states within the US. Avis has the distinction of being the first car rental service to open an outlet within an airport, and as such, most of its locations are located within airports. Despite its focus on airport locations, Avis still has a significant presence in off-airport locations within most of the major cities in the US.




Avis has one of the largest selections of vehicles offered by American car rental services. With its focus towards traveling clients, its locations have a wide range of vehicles that can serve individual travelers, families as well as large groups traveling together. While covering most of the ‘conventional’ car types for individuals, Avis also has SUVs, pick-up trucks as well as large and mid-size vans for larger groups traveling together.

They also offer hybrid vehicles at selected outlets (mostly within the larger cities that they operate in). However, they do not larger offer commercial trucks directly, but you can access trucks offered by their sister company, Budget truck rentals.




Avis is one of the costlier car rental services (lowest prices here), especially compared to some their cheaper competitors such as enterprise rent-a-car and budget rent-a-car. Renting a full-size car in the Las Vegas area will cost $68 on a daily basis. However, most of their long term clients believe that they do offer value for money when you take into consideration the quality of service offered by the company.


Additional Features


In comparison with its more ‘budget friendly’ competitors, Avis scores very well in terms of the services that it offers its clients. As the service is particularly tailored to suit travelers, their Roving Rapid Return system is particularly attractive for clients who want to return a vehicle in the shortest time possible (such as travelers seeking to catch a flight). Through the service, one can skip long queues and simply interact with a computer terminal to return a vehicle in less than 2 minutes.

They also have the innovative TripIt service which allows you to input your travel itinerary, including locations and dates, and the model that you want. The company will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that your vehicle is ready without any additional process of filling out forms or providing dates or locations for vehicle pick-up and drop-off.

Avis also has one of the best customer loyalty programs offered by any car rental service in the US. Clients who register for the Avis Preferred program can have their preferences on file, which makes it easier for them to book a car online. They also get preferential access to vehicles, and in most cases, they can skip the long queues due to their membership status. The Avis Preferred program also allows members to earn points for every transaction they make with the company which can be later redeemed for free car rental and vehicle upgrades,

The company also employs a very intuitive, and easy to use, design on all their online platforms which include a mobile friendly site as well as a well-designed smartphone app. Other additional extras that Avis offers include GPS navigation as well as car seats for families with toddlers.




As a company that has been continuously operational since 1948, Avis has continually improved itself to provide the best customer experience. Its biggest shortcomings are the lack of universal access to hybrid vehicles in all its American locations and the higher cost of renting a car with the service.




If you are seeking a premium car rental experience, and are not working with a very restrictive budget, the Avis is the best car rental service for you. They have national coverage that includes all the major airports within the United States which make them a particularly attractive option for travelers. Their wide range of vehicles, that also serve large groups traveling together, is a welcome bonus.

The company strives to offer a premium experience to its clientele, which comes at an additional cost. They have numerous innovative services on offer that seek to improve the overall customer experience. Their customer loyalty program is another attractive extra for people who regularly require car rental services.