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Consider this with regards to renting a vehicle in Vegas


The sin city of Las Vegas is known for a lot of things: gluttony, endless entertainment, some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, and also, a city with some of the most brutal traffic during rush hours. Indeed, everyone seems to prefer traveling by car in Las Vegas. However, especially if you are a visitor, there are plenty of public transportation options you can take from monorails, buses, taxis, or even by foot especially if you only want to travel around the strip or downtown.


So, one of the most common questions from people visiting Las Vegas is whether renting a car is a good idea (lowest prices here)? Indeed, the traffic on 1-15 or Las Vegas Boulevard is often jam packed, and even walking on foot or waiting for the monorail might be faster ways to reach your destination.


With that being said, however, there are also a lot of good reasons why renting a car can enhance your vacation experience. Below, we will discuss some of the top reasons to rent a car on your Las Vegas Vacation. Let us start with the first one.


  1. Prestige


It is no secret that Las Vegas is a city of vanity, and people are often judged by their covers. If your plan during your stay is to visit the high-end nightclubs, fine dinings, or casinos, renting a luxury car will help your chance just to get in.


Renting a luxury car or convertible in Las Vegas starts from around $80 per day and can go up to $200 per day or more, so it is fairly priced. Besides, it's always good to enjoy a convertible one in a while, doesn't it?


  1. They Are Affordable


As mentioned in the previous point, renting a car in Las Vegas is relatively cheaper than in the other states. Being a tourism destination where a car is the preferred travel method, competition for car rentals is fierce. That is actually a good thing for us customers, and we can also easily compare prices online before our visit You can rent a city car for as low as $30 or even $20 per day, and as mentioned, luxury cars start from around $80 per day. Compare that to renting a Chevrolet Spark in Washington, DC, where prices start from around $60.


  1. You Can Stay In Off-Strip Hotels


For most of us visiting Las Vegas, the luxurious strip resorts are often our first choices of accommodation. However, they are often expensive. There are also a lot of us who prefers staying in more isolated, less crowded areas to avoid the madness of the Sin City for our good night's sleep When staying in an off-strip accommodation, renting a car will help you reach the highlights of the city easily. In fact, it will be a better economical choice overall.


  1. Vegas Is Not Only About The Strip


There are many other places besides the strip you can enjoy during your visit to Las Vegas, and this is where a rental car can help you reach your destination. For example, there is the Red Rock Canyon, a popular tourist destination roughly a 20-minute drive from the Strip. There is also the famous Hoover Dam, located near the Arizona Border. Nearby the Hoover Dam is the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, another popular destination, and there are other famous national parks including the Grand Canyon. With a rental car, you can easily take a day trip to those destinations, and maximize your vacation experience.


  1. Free Parking


Most of the hotels in Las Vegas offer free parking, especially those on the Strip (this will soon be changing). Some of them also offer free valet, so, there will be many conveniences you can get with renting a car. It is, however, worth noting that finding a parking spot can be time-consuming and difficult during special events like concerts or convention.


  1. Options


With the fierce competition, there is a wide range of options you can consider before renting a car. There are a lot of choices of car types, including luxury ones, and you can easily compare prices, insurance options, and many other factors. Most of the considerations can even be done online, so you can plan ahead before your trip.


  1. Travel In a Big Group


If you travel with a big group of family or friends, you can easily rent an SUV to make the trip easier and more convenient. When traveling with a big group, using a bus or monorail is often a major headache, so it is worth considering.


Las Vegas Rent a Car Tips


There are, however, several considerations you might want to have before renting a car in Las Vegas. Here are a few of them:


1 . Check your auto insurance company (if any), if they cover damages to a rental car. Sometimes, your credit card company might also cover rental car damage. This way, you won't need to purchase insurance from the car rental agency itself, which is often pricey and unnecessary. If your insurance or credit card covers the damage, bring the proof of insurance with you during your trip.


  1. Always print out (or take a photo) your rental confirmation, including the quoted rate. So, before you sign anything, check whether they are charging the quoted rate. Charging too much, unfortunately, is often a common practice. If that's the case, refuse to sign anything until they give you the correct paperwork stating the previously quoted rate.
  2. Be firm, you are a customer, and as mentioned, there are plenty of other car rental options in Las Vegas. If the car rental agent or company refuses to treat you fairly, you can walk the other way. Be firm but always respectful.


Bottom Line


There are many great benefits you can get from renting a car during your Las Vegas trip. Also worth noting is that there are often less busy road options you can take during rush hours. The roads behind the main Strip are often less jam-packed, so it is definitely a great choice. You can always ask the hotel staffs where you are staying for better road options, and you can also use a GPS app.


A Las Vegas trip can be overwhelming with all the spots, destinations, and madness, especially if you are a first timer. So, it is important to do your homework and plan ahead before making your actual visit.


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