enterprise rent a car review

Enterprise Is A House Hold Name. Are They Worthy? Keep Reading To Learn What We Found



As the largest car rental company in the US, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has nationwide coverage in terms of their locations. As of 2017, the company has 420 airport locations and more than 5,400 outlets in city locations covering all the 50 states in the US. In terms of its North American coverage, the company also has numerous locations within Canada and Mexico.




Enterprise rent-a-car consistently outperforms its competitors in terms of the range of vehicles that it has on offer. Different clients have different needs regarding car rental and the range of vehicles available for hire at enterprise rent-a-car caters for almost any client’s needs. The car rental service has an impressive range of vehicles that include vans, pickup trucks, moving vans/trucks, luxury vehicles, compact cars, and hybrid.




Enterprise rent-a-car scores extremely well (lowest prices here), in comparison with competing services, in terms of pricing. In the Las Vegas area, renting a full-size car will cost you $53, which is cheaper than any of the other major competitors.

Enterprise is particularly cost effective when you need to rent a car on a long term basis (for a period exceeding one month). In fact, long term rental with enterprise is cheaper than most car lease services and you get the added advantage of having 24-hour support that includes free roadside assistance.


Additional Features


One of the innovative defining features of Enterprise rent-a-car is the car share service that allows you to rent a vehicle on an hourly basis. Once you subscribe to the service, you get a smartcard which you use to activate a car that is located within your vicinity, use it for a period of time, and return it to the pre-determined spot where another user can access it on a short term basis.

As an international company, with locations all over the world, enterprise rent-a-car has multilingual support both on its online platforms as well as telephone support. Its support staff can communicate in English, Spanish, Dutch and French which is an added advantage for tourists who may not be fluent English speakers.

Due to its wide coverage all over the US, enterprise allows you to pick up a car in one location and drop it off in another location if you are making a one-way trip. It also has numerous locations within Canada and Mexico which extends this service to one-way trips within North America, a service that is not provided by most of its competitors.




One of the biggest complaints from clients who have used Enterprise rent-a-car is that is service is often slow, especially in its busier locations. There have also been numerous complaints concerning delays in accessing the support staff both online and through the phone. This is due to its numerous clients who often overwhelm the support system.




If you are working within a tight budget, then Enterprise is the best option for you due to its cost-effectiveness. The wide range of vehicles that the service provides is also a significant advantage when using the service; very few rental services provide specialized vehicles such as commercial trucks and moving vans. They also cater to the environmentally conscious client by offering hybrid vehicles. Their comprehensive coverage of North America also means that it is likely that there is an enterprise rent-a-car location conveniently located within your vicinity.

Their slow response time, and queues at busier locations might be an inconvenience if your needs are more urgent, but their innovative features, cost effectiveness, and wide coverage make Enterprise to be one of the best car rental services in the US.