hertz rental reviews

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Hertz rental car service not only covers all 50 states within the US but also has operations in more than 150 countries all over the world. One of the perks of the company being a multinational corporation is that customers from outside the US can make their bookings in their home countries (if Hertz operates within them) and pick up their vehicles ponce they arrive in the US. The company also has a very balanced mix between airport and off-airport locations all over the US with all major cities being adequately covered. Most of the larger cities have more than one location for convenience purposes.




As one of the largest car rental companies in the world, Hertz has an impressively diverse range of vehicles that a potential customer can choose from. They have compact cars, full-size cars, hybrid vehicles, SUVs, pickup trucks, luxury vehicles as well as multi-passenger vans for hire. In terms of specialized vehicles, they have moving vans/trucks as well as other heavy-duty commercial vehicles for rent.

Due to their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, Hertz has made a commitment to ensure that even their non-hybrid vehicles have minimum emissions by ensuring that all their vehicles are regularly maintained.




Hertz does not score well in terms of pricing (lowest prices here) in comparison to their main competitors. The daily cost of hiring a full-size car in Las Vegas is $68 while some of their competitors go as low as $53 for the same type of vehicle. This is a trend that carries to the other major cities that Hertz operates in.


Additional Features


Hertz probably has the best website layout, in terms of ease of use, when compared to its competitors. Their official website is uncluttered and well-designed, making the online booking process hassle free. The company also allows its customers to check-in prior to arriving at their pick-up locations, further reducing the congestion in their outlets. The company’s commitment to adopting innovative technological solutions has seen it roll out self-service kiosks for registered members to do their own pick up at participating outlets.

Hertz also has the 24/7 on demand service in major that allows clients to hire vehicles on an hourly basis. Vehicles are located in various neighborhoods which a client can access after making an online booking. This allows multiple people to have access to Hertz rental cars on an hourly basis.

Hertz has a reward system for corporate clients who regularly use their services. Benefits for loyal corporate clients include free upgrades, free car hires, and attractive discounts. Due to their international presence, the service can be used by multinational corporations who seek to save on their car hiring costs. The corporate clients reward system is also extended to small businesses that regularly require car hire services.

One of the unique benefits that Hertz offers is the relaxed restrictions on younger clients. Most car hire services do not rent their vehicles to drivers under the age of 21, and if they do, they charge additional fees to grant them access. Hertz offers its vehicles for qualified drivers as young as 20 years old.




Despite their impressive performance in terms of the additional services that they offer their clients, Hertz does not have a car-pooling option which now comes standard with most of its major competitors. Their higher pricing also locks out most of their potential clients that are working within tighter budgets.




Despite their higher pricing, Hertz car rental is a dependable company that has a wide range of vehicles spread all over the US. Their online platforms and self-service kiosks reduce the overall wait times in their locations by reducing the queues at their physical locations. Corporate clients also have the benefit of participating in the reward program which reduces their overall car rental costs. Overall, Hertz is a dependable company that offers a pleasant customer experience.