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Renting a car in Vegas and what you need to know.


Contemplating a rental car for your Las Vegas Vacation or business trip? The city of Las Vegas is much more than just the well-known strip. In fact, the name for the whole metropolitan area is Las Vegas Valley, made up of three cities and six towns. Las Vegas is America's 28th largest city, with a population of over 22 million people, and almost as many things to do and see. There Here are the top 5 reasons to go ahead and rent a car for your trip.


Best Reasons to Rent a Car in Las Vegas



Sight-see on your own schedule Though almost every hotel in Vegas offers shuttle service to one place or another, as well as a city-wide mono-rail, they run on a tight schedule and are incredibly crowded. Making several stops to get to one location can make for a very little sight-seeing time, and leads to frustration. Many of the more upscale hotels and resorts have rental car counters right in the lobby for the convenience of guests.


Super Low Cost



Low-cost car rentals of Las Vegas offers some of the lowest rental car rates in the country, offering travelers an opportunity to rent when they normally wouldn't or couldn't afford to. With so many visitors coming and going, the competition is fierce, and you reap the benefits. Interested in renting a luxury model such as Aston Martin or Bentley? How about sports model like Ferrari? Not a problem here, anything goes in Vegas, and cars are no exception to the rule. Be sure to check the rates of your rental agency frequently as they change almost daily. Be sure to grab the best rate, but don't wait too long as rates usually shoot back up the day before you travel. One "perk" the rental car agencies offer is prepaid gas. Though it may sound tempting to purchase for the convenience, you will pay about $1 -$2 dollars more per gallon through the rental company. Gas prices drop drastically once you leave the congested strip. Be aware of the type of rental you sign for, as there is a significant difference between daily and weekly rates, sometimes as much as 30%.


Shuttles are usually limited to casino travel Las Vegas is a diverse, multi-cultural metropolitan area with 23 museums, 13 annual music and film festivals, five public gardens and arboretums, and 17 parks and attractions excluding the casinos. There are so many things to do and see it's impossible to list them here. Having your own private transportation guarantees you can get there early and leave late, or vice versa.



Bypass routinely traveled areas surrounding the strip Through traffic around Vegas can be a hassle, use your GPS system to bypass the masses along the strip. Shuttles and public transportation can get caught in traffic, sitting idle while precious time slips by. Rush hour traffic is at peak between the hours of 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. Slipping out of traffic on an alternate route is a great alternative to the frustration of gridlock, and gets you to your meeting or event on time.



Traveling with a group? Rent a car Traveling with friends and family can be difficult enough to coordinate without the added stress of getting everyone to the same place using various methods of transportation. Las Vegas offers some of the lowest rental car rates in the country, so take advantage and rent a larger vehicle for the whole family or travel group.



A rental car waiting for you when you exit the airport, train, or bus station is extremely convenient for weary travelers. When navigating busy city streets, be sure to plan your route and ask the rental car agent for maps in case GPS is not available in certain areas. This is especially true in cases when you find yourself in an unfamiliar area at nighttime. Rental cars usually come equipped with alarm and GPS units, but some are only installed to relay data back to the company in case of theft or vandalism, so be sure to ask if you need to use your own cellular data, or if you can use one supplied by them for an additional fee.



Las Vegas has one of the largest police forces in the country, and you can always find a helpful officer along the strip and more populated areas of the city. They are very used to helping tourists find their way, and are approachable and friendly. If you are having trouble with your rental car or reporting a theft or vandalism, they are more than willing to help someone from out of town.



Some of the casino's offer discounted parking rates for certain rental car agencies, so be sure to ask the concierge or rental agent if they have a partnership with a certain hotel or resort. A few casinos offer free parking for patrons, but that is usually reserved for those with high roller status, or booked into high-end suites. Again, your concierge or rental agent should be able to handle these details for you.


Be sure to contact your insurance company to make sure you have coverage in Vegas. If you are not fully covered by your insurance company, you can purchase a relatively inexpensive policy through the rental company. Take note that rental car agencies are no longer located in the baggage claim area, due to a growing need for space, there is now a whole new building designated to just rental car pickup and drop off called Rental Car Center.


Watch Your Speed



Traffic tickets are no joke in Las Vegas, and every non-paid ticket will result in an arrest warrant by the Nevada court system. Not only are warrant fees and penalties incurred, but they also report the warrants to the credit agencies, making life in your own town more difficult. It is highly recommended to just pay the fee before you leave. If you live outside of the country, an outstanding arrest warrant could make it extremely difficult to enter the U.S. again.


When it's time to make the decision whether or not to rent a car on your next trip to Las Vegas, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Just be sure to do your homework when searching rates, and abide by the insurance laws of both your state and the state of Nevada.


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