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Great Things To Consider Before You Rent A Car In Las Vegas


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Las Vegas is one of, if not the most, busiest cities on earth. So it’s no surprise that it happens to be one of the most visited cities on the planet, and it also explains why you and your friends are dying to see it for yourselves in person. The lights, the shows, the gambling, and the glitz, Vegas is a hotspot for some of the most mind-blowing attractions that you will see and experience on any holiday. But there is one big problem that you need to ask and answer yourself before you go: how are you going to get around? Now the public transport is okay at best but won’t let you get to the places that you want to go and can limit your holiday, so getting a rental car is a must, even if it’s only a short stay.

Here are a few reasons why:


1. Distances

The city is 135.8 square miles of action and adventure, and you don’t want to miss any of it. The problem is that Vegas is a place where things are spread out, and some things you really want to do might be out in the desert, like a shooting range or rally truck driving, whereas other things will be in the center like the casinos and the big theaters. Balancing out where you should book your hotel can be a solution, but it often is an expensive one if you are looking for a hotel that will give you quick access to the heart of the party. With a rental car, you can book a nicer and cheaper hotel because you won’t need to worry about location as much, which saves you money and stress allowing you to enjoy your vacation. The distances aren’t insurmountable, but a car makes the whole city accessible in a way that nothing else can so that you can see the entirety of the city rather than being forced into the densely packed attractions that are only built for tourist purposes. Getting around in a rental car gives you access to a Las Vegas that not many get to see.


2. Heat


If there is one thing that you can’t prepare for properly until you’ve felt it, it’s the heat. Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert, and it is an unforgiving environment to anybody who’s caught outside during the day. Walking during the day is not an option in Vegas. Not only will it make you sweaty and uncomfortable but dehydration can be a serious issue if not properly planned for. It is important to always have water on you at all times but having a vehicle makes management of the heat much easier and can help you avoid some serious situations. If there is anything you need to be wary of in Vegas, it is the heat. A Las Vegas rental car with good air conditioning eliminates the potential dehydration that walking provides, as well as keeping you fresh so when you turn up to your destination, you are full of energy and ready to go. You can ride in style and be comfortable so that the heat does not detract you from your holiday.


3. Using time efficiently


We already pointed out that shrinking the distances is important but a car also lets you use your time efficiently while you are visiting Sin City so that you don’t waste time doing something that doesn’t exactly pique your interest. The increased flexibility that you receive with a rental car means that you can maximize your time efficiently and see everything that Vegas has to offer so that you can see the side of Vegas that most regular tourists don’t get to see. People often underestimate the less well-known attractions that can be found around Vegas, but they can often be the unique and exciting experiences.

4. Cost


Renting a car can be very cost efficient and can save you money overall on your trip. Renting a car can range a lot in prices, but it is not hard to find a great deal that provides you with what you are looking for as there are plenty of dealerships scattered around Vegas. These dealerships range in quality and pricing, so it isn’t hard to find a dealership that suits your budget and your desires. Renting a car means that you won’t have to spend extortionate amounts on taxis to get around and you can use your savings to enjoy the Entertainment Capital of the World.


4. Style


This last reason is a bit of a personal preference and isn’t as impactful on your decision, but rolling around in style is important to some people. Some of the dealerships around Vegas rent out high-end cars which can enhance an average trip. There’s nothing quite like pulling up to a casino in a flashy car and handing the valet the keys as you stroll into one of the hottest spots on the strip. It’s not really a huge must to get a flashy rental car but if you are looking to elevate a vacation into an unforgettable, thrilling experience. Overall, getting a rental car is a no brainer if you are planning a trip to Vegas, in fact, I would say, that it is a must for any journey. It makes the whole city accessible to you and your party, regardless of if you are driving a mini-van or a Ferrari. Renting a car allows you to use your time wisely so that you can catch that epic show, hit up the casino, and go rally truck driving all in the same day. It also lets you avoid the arresting heat which can not only ruin your holiday but can be a danger to you and any friends who go too long without drinking water. Just one less thing to worry about. In conclusion, renting a car is a cost effective, safe, and cool way of getting around Las Vegas and making the most out of your vacation, elevating from a great trip to a once in a lifetime experience.