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Top things to think about before renting a vehicle in Las Vegas


Over 40 million people visited Las Vegas in 2016, evidence that it is a popular choice for a vacation. And chances are if you picked 100 people and asked them about their experience in Vegas, they will each give a different reason as to why you should visit. But even with overwhelming reasons to visit Las Vegas, planning your movement around the city is key to enjoying your stay. Here is why having contacts for Las Vegas Car Rentals before you travel is a brilliant idea.

Stretch Your Vacation Dollars


There is plenty of parking in Las Vegas, but unfortunately, everything comes a fee. Self-parking in garages can go as high as $18 per 24 hours. Valet parking in the garages and hotels can cost you as much as $8 up to four hours and can go up to $15 per 24 hours. And it is becoming increasingly common to pay for parking in hotels even if you are staying or patronizing there. If you choose to come with your car, you also need to include the cost of fuel and factor in wear on your vehicle. Hiring a car saves you these costs, and you will thank yourself later when you need to enjoy some shopping spree.


Minimize Your Worries

Less baggage translates to more fun. The last thing you want to worry about when in Las Vegas is a car breakdown, traffic, or getting lost. While driving in Las Vegas is relatively manageable, especially if you have lived in a large city, there are unique challenges that you may not be well prepared for. In most places, traffic eases as darkness sets in, but this is Vegas. You will encounter traffic as late as 11 pm. The Strip has three to five lanes each way. It is easy to be in the wrong lane and you, therefore, have to pay keen attention to signs to avoid missing an exit and annoying other drivers. You will also have to deal with weird habits of drivers from across the world- remember there are plenty of visitors at any particular time in Las Vegas. Some ill instantly realize they are lost and make a wrong move while others will slow down unexpectedly to drink into all the activity in the city, especially at night. Distractions are one of the leading cause of road accidents in Vegas. And because you came to rest, dialing help could be the best move you made on your trip. Las Vegas Car Rentals can customize a product based on your needs. For example, you can hire a car and a full-time driver to escape such worries.


Customized Rides


Besides personal satisfaction, you want to look like you prepared well for your trip to Las Vegas. Renting a car allows you the privilege of having customized rides for specific events. You can get a car fitted with outdoor gear like a tent if you choose to go camping outside the city, get one with space for large shopping, and something cushy, soft and classy if you need to show up in style for a party. If you have a big family and plan to drive for hours, you can rent a spacious car to minimize fatigue. And whether it is a bachelor party, wedding, business vacation, most Las Vegas Car Rentals will either offer or arrange a customized package for you.


Save Time

You want to maximize your stay in Vegas, and it is, therefore, logical to buy extra hours by renting a car. You can use this additional time to make calls, take notes or catch up with your vacation buddies. And other than the fact that Vegas is home to world-class shows, it is also the land of adventure. It offers you an excellent opportunity to experience an extensive collection of world cultures, and you can be sure to enjoy an incredible range of stores while shopping. You want to make time for all these pleasures. If you plan to party and drink, you will save more time by avoiding jail for drunk driving. Not to mention the hustle of dealing with law enforcement officers in unfamiliar territories. Ask a travel agency to arrange a car hire for you to lessen your work further.


Enjoy Extra Rest


A vacation means rest, at least for most people. Renting a car accords you the privilege of having someone else worry about your movement logistics. You can enjoy refreshing naps in traffic and use the time to drink in on the life and buzz of the city. And should the car break down or get into trouble, the rental company takes care of the resulting problems. It is also psychologically straining to figure out your way in a new city, traffic laws or what other drivers expect from you. All which you can delegate by hiring. And now you can focus on the main agenda of the vacation, enjoying yourself.


Take Pictures


What is a Las Vegas vacation without a trophy shot? Make the most of your time to shoot the beautiful city skyline, the strip, hotels and casinos, and the sunset. Enjoy capturing crazy energy levels in the city as someone else worries about how you will get to your destination. Taking pictures at night can particularly be rewarding because of the city sparkles with lights, the sky is gorgeous, and people are hearty and alive. Ask your driver for best photo spots and enjoy the benefits of free hands and a relaxed mind while on the move.


There are many reasons why renting a car will make a lot of sense if you are in Vegas for a vacation. It is a perfect pay-as-you-need arrangement for your traveling cost. And having a car at your beck and call means fewer worries and anxiety of driving in an unfamiliar place. And best of all you get to show off your selections if that adds some spice to your stay. Ask your hotel or travel agent to recommend or arrange a reliable car rental company. Enjoy your vacation.


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