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Your crazy for not thinking about these factors before renting a car on your Las Vegas Vacation


Las Vegas is the world's biggest party city — an oasis in the middle of the desert known for its sprawling five-star hotels and casinos. Getting around this town, however, can be a challenge. Crowded public transportation, expensive taxis, busy sidewalks — all of these factors leave travelers with no other choice than to hire a car in "Sin City." There are some benefits in renting a vehicle when on vacation in the Entertainment Capital of the World (lowest prices here). You get to see more landmarks in this world-famous metropolis, for example. Here are the top reasons for hiring a car in Las Vegas.



  1. It's So Much Easier



Las Vegas brims with tourists, especially during the busy summer months when temperatures soar. In fact, the metropolis welcomes 40 million visitors every single year, according to one report — that's a whole lot more than the 28 million people who live in surrounding Nevada! Ill, As a result, Las Vegas can get crowded — real crowded. People spill out into the street after watching a theater show, for example. Bus stops are often busy, too.



Luckily, there's an alternative way to get around Las Vegas. When you hire a car, you can travel from your hotel to the city's most iconic sights in a flash. Zip down the Las Vegas Strip and take in all the sights on the way — Caesar's Palace, the Eiffel Tower, historical Fremont Street. Hiring a car gives you the flexibility and freedom you need when you are on your vacation, and it's so much easier than waiting for a bus to take you to where you need to go.



  1. It's Cheaper Than You Think



Yes, catching a bus might work out cheaper than car hire, but it doesn't provide you with the same amount of flexibility. When you hire a car, you can get to your destination quicker and not have to share busy buses with loads of other visitors. Car rental is a lot cheaper than catching a taxi, too. Many taxis in the city bump up their prices during certain times of the year — think July 4th weekend and when there's a major convention taking place — and can work out more expensive over time. With car hire, you pay one price and can travel for as long as you like!



Hiring a car in Las Vegas is really simple. In fact, you can organize the whole thing at home before you even leave for your trip. Book your vehicle online, and pick it up when you arrive in the city. The application process is straightforward, and you only need to provide a little information to the car rental company. You get to choose from a wide range of vehicles, too. Want to cruise down Paradise Road with the car roof down, perhaps? Maybe you need a large vehicle that can transport your whole family from the airport to your hotel and then back again. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find a car that will suit your lifestyle.



  1. It's the Only Way to Explore the Surrounding Area



Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. With world-class restaurants, stores, bustling bars, and attractions, it's one of the world's most visited tourist destinations. However, there's so much more to do once you leave this city. Surrounding Nevada is home to miles of desert, small towns and loads of wildlife. Hiring a car is usually the only way to explore this patch of the United States. Buses will only take you to destinations within Las Vegas proper, there's no train service, and long-distance bus companies can charge you a fortune. These are just some of the reasons why Las Vegas car rentals have exploded in popularity in recent years.


Hiring a car also lets you discover some of the world's most famous sights that are located close to Las Vegas. Drive over into Arizona, for example, and experience the Grand Canyon — one of the iconic natural landmarks anywhere on planet Earth. When you hire a car, just fill up your vehicle with gas, pack some snacks and explore the open road!


  1. It's More Comfortable



Why sit on a bumpy bus? Or at the back of an overheated taxi? When you hire a car, you can explore Las Vegas in comfort and style. Most new car rentals have air conditioning — a must-have when temperatures in this city can soar into the 90s and beyond. Vehicles also have ample space for you to keep your belongings safe — something you won't always find on a regular bus.



Most people love hiring a car in Vegas because of the comfort it provides. Drivers can roll down their windows, play their favorite songs on the sound system and travel to their destination in style. Some new cars even have GPS systems, which provide drivers with real-time instructions on how to get around this city. Whether it's the Bellagio or downtown, they can arrive at their final location without breaking a sweat!


  1. It's Easy to Pick-Up and Drop-Off Your Vehicle



Long gone are the days when there was just one car rental pick-up point in a big city. Now you can pick-up your vehicle from a wide range of different locations in the city, and drop it off at an easy-to-reach destination. Why not pick up your car at the airport? This lets you arrive in Las Vegas in a stylish automobile and beat the rush of tourists trying to get into the city via public transportation. Alternatively, you can pick up your car from a location near your hotel. Now, there's more choice than ever before when it comes to pick-up and drop-off. Las Vegas car rentals are quick and convenient!




Hiring a car in Las Vegas provides you with so many benefits. It works out cheaper than using a taxi, it's more comfortable than a bus, and you get to explore this 24-hour city in style. More people than ever before are hiring cars in "Sin City" to take them from their airport to their hotel to the most-recognized landmarks in and around this metropolis.



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